Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

sheet metal fabrication services

IMD Fabrication (IMD) completes custom sheet metal fabrication for a variety of industrial markets; from the business next door to the company with world-wide presence, each customer we work with is as important as the next. Our advanced capabilities include sheet metal forming, tube bending, welding, CNC turret punch press stamping and various secondary operations. Welding, deburring and other finishing services are part of our one-stop manufacturing whether they are completed in-house or processed through our sourcing department.

IMD Fabrication (IMD) manufactures components that are both standard and customized. Whether you need just one part or an entire turnkey product, we will work directly with your company to bring your products to the customers. Our advanced CAD/CAM programming software and sheet metal fabrication equipment work together to provide quality part production at competitive prices.

Punch press stamping and sheet metal welding is used for a realm of industrial markets including medical, aerospace, and electronic industries. For example, we produce brackets, weldments, skid plates, front bumpers and sheet metal enclosures for the various industries. From motorcycles to aerospace to electronic markets, we fabricate parts for customers with some of the highest demands and expectations. Our sheet metal fabrication has been provided alongside CNC machining since 1995.

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IMD Fabrication (IMD) works with numerous materials including aluminum, brass, bronze, steel, titanium, and stainless steel. Our precision sheet metal fabrication, including tube bending, is completed using cutting edge equipment. Machines are continuously updated to include the most advanced technology available on the market in order to remain in compliance to various industry standards. Our fabrication manufacturing solutions include:

  • Advanced machine tools, CAD/CAM software, welding and fabrication equipment
  • Complete design and development services (especially for developing accessory lines)
  • Prototype machining capabilities
  • Strict quality control standards with a highly qualified inspection department
  • Continually upgrading and advancing our equipment to remain competitive

Industries Served

IMD has the equipment, the technology and the dedicated staff to handle all of your precision sheet metal fabrication or machining needs. As one of the most universal manufacturing processes today, we have provided manufactured products to a variety of core industries including:

Consider IMD Fabrication (IMD) for all your custom & precision sheet metal fabrication needs including rolling, welding, forming, and punching. With tight tolerances, difficult designs, and high volume production, we have the machine shop capabilities to produce the metal formed products your customers want. Our JIT (Just in Time) manufacturing ensures that the parts you request are there when you need them. Our business depends on your satisfaction.

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