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Innovative Metal Designs/IMD Fabrications (IMD) is a world-class job shop specializing in high-speed machining, fabrication and assembly of component parts. Serving the Automobile, Motorcycle, Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Bicycle, Powersports and Industrial markets, IMD is committed to providing superior Quality, Price, Delivery, and Customer Service.

In today’s global market we are well aware that there are numerous options for potential suppliers of custom made component parts. What separates IMD from most machine shops is our exceptionally strong infrastructure and our extensive use of leading-edge technology. The combination of these key attributes results in exceptional performance and customer satisfaction.

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IMD stays ahead of the competition by keeping up with the absolute latest in equipment trends. We believe in purchasing brand-new equipment from industry leaders so that we can continue to offer the best value in CNC machining, fabrication and assembly services possible. Every year we provide hundreds of thousands of precision, custom machined parts to large well known companies – many of whom single source their parts to us. These high profile companies entrust their critical parts with Innovative Metal Designs for many reasons. The goal of this website is to demonstrate to you the many qualities that make IMD an ideal choice for your one-stop manufacturing solutions.


Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • CNC Machining — complete CNC milling and turning
  • Complete sheet metal forming and fabrication
  • Tube bending
  • Stamping
  • TIG & MIG Welding — aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and steel
  • In-house tool and die fabrication
  • Aluminum Machining
  • Stainless Steel Machining
  • Laser Cutting

Since the very beginning, IMD has prided itself in supplying high quality, competitively priced machined and fabricated parts to some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Customers include: Yamaha Motor Corp., Harley Davidson, and Honda to name a few.

Innovative Metal Designs has invested significant time and effort in cultivating lasting relationships with customers. Its strength lies in the ability to help customers transform their ideas and requirements into first-rate manufacturing solutions. This process originates with our exceptionally strong infrastructure and our extensive use of state-of the-art machining technologies.

For more information regarding Innovative Metal Designs, please contact us! We are your One Stop Manufacturing Solution for CNC machining and custom sheet metal fabrication.




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