Overseas Manufacturing

Overseas Manufacturing

In order to service our customers better, Innovative Metal Designs offers offshore manufacturing in Asia. Regardless of our production location, process control and quality control is guaranteed on all of your projects.

Overseas manufacturing offers numerous benefits for the customer including low tooling cost, short lead time, full stock production, design assistance, and engineering support. Cost-effective solutions enable you to increase your production quantities, allowing for higher distribution to your customers and increased company profits.

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Overseas Manufacturing Capabilities


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Procedures are in place for quality control beginning with the raw materials and ending with the final packaging of completed products. Raw materials we work with both overseas and locally include, but are not limited to, titanium, brass, bronze, plastic, aluminum, and various steels. All resources are inspected for quality prior to manufacturing. Our offshore manufacturing in Asia provides quick turnaround, tight tolerances, difficult design engineering, and high volume production. Metal and plastic turnkey products and production parts are manufactured both overseas and locally. Everything we do overseas is able to be completed within our Orange County, California shop. Manufacturing services are determined by our customers; we cater to what you want!

Innovative Metal Designs offers forging manufacturing alongside our quality CNC machining and punch press stamping. Overseas manufacturing is completed in conjunction with local jobshop capabilities; projects begin and end exclusively in our Orange County, California facility. Services are provided to a variety of industries.

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Since the very beginning, IMD has prided itself in supplying high quality, competitively priced machined and fabricated parts to some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Customers include: Yamaha Motor Corp., Harley Davidson, and Honda to name a few.

Innovative Metal Designs has invested significant time and effort in cultivating lasting relationships with customers. Its strength lies in the ability to help customers transform their ideas and requirements into first-rate manufacturing solutions. This process originates with our exceptionally strong infrastructure and our extensive use of state-of the-art machining technologies.

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