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Innovative Metal Designs is a CNC machining and custom sheet metal fabrication shop located in southern California near Los Angeles. As a global supplier of turnkey products and production parts, we service many high profile companies in a variety of industries including, but not limited to:

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Innovative Metal Designs got its roots in 1982 by manufacturing parts for crash-test dummies using just one machine in the family garage. Since then, we have moved into our current Orange County jobshop and have vastly expanded the industries we service to incorporate companies big and small.

Provided services now include customized projects and standardized commodities completed for the medical, defense, and aerospace markets. Many of these parts require advanced custom welding that we can provide in house as well for any industry. These industries require the most advanced equipment on the market.

For example, intricate and complicated parts such as cockpit panels, air valves, and oxygen components along with many other custom metal aircraft parts are manufactured for the aerospace industry. Another example are the many different custom metal medical parts that we produce for the medical industry. The necessity of these products to be unfailing in quality and endurance is inevitable. Customized products meet and exceed the stringent requirements designated by this competitive market.


Manufacturing Capabilities:

We also use overseas manufacturing on standard commodities to reduce the cost of production while upholding the same level of quality control. Basic turnkey products for most of our industries serviced are able to utilize our overseas manufacturing. The inspection process at every level of overseas machining and fabrication is included in our guarantee of high quality products.

Though overseas manufacturing is utilized for basic high or low volume production orders, medical components, tight tolerance parts, and life-saving products are still manufactured exclusively within our Orange County California shop.

Innovative Metal Designs works with a variety of global markets including industries based out of North and South America, and Asia. Local services also provide fast one stop manufacturing solutions through one company. Our services fit your challenging applications whether you are located in Southern California or across the world.

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