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Innovative Manufacturing

Innovative Metal Designs of Garden Grove, California began in Orange County, California, 1982 with an old Kent milling machine in the family garage. It’s a family business that began with the dream of creating a company where we can combine our engineering skills with manufacturing.

We got our beginning by manufacturing parts for crash-test dummies and from there we expanded our business to manufacturing parts for GT Bicycles; a company building high-tech performance bikes. Now we make a wide range of high quality parts for various industries including medical turnkey parts for people with disabilities to specialty valves for the aerospace industry. 

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Our Orange County based company has vastly extended its capabilities to service a wide variety of markets while still remaining true to our humble beginnings. Though we’ve drastically increased our machining and fabrication capabilities and expanded our facilities to become a one stop jobshop, we are still a family owned business.

We have built our company to be
your One Stop Manufacturing Solution!

  • Design assistance and full engineering support
  • Long acquired experience working with OEM’s
  • Manufacture complete packaging of parts that are ready for the customer’s shelves
  • In-House Packaging—skin card, skin wrap, poly bags, etc…
  • One stop manufacturing includes sourcing of subcomponents and hardware overseas partners
  • CNC Milling and Turning
  • Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Custom Sheet Metal Tube Bending and Welding
  • Chrome and other types of plating—strategic partners with local plating house
  • Advanced machine tools, CAD/CAM programming software, High-production “Just In Time”
    (JIT) manufacturing
  • Prototype machining capabilities
  • Strict quality control standards with a highly qualified inspection department
  • Continually upgrading and advancing our equipment to remain competitive
  • Extensive capacity — We can run 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Our main goal is TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION while making your job easy!

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • CNC Machining — complete CNC milling and turning
  • Complete sheet metal forming and fabrication
  • Tube bending
  • Stamping
  • TIG & MIG Welding — aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and steel
  • In-house tool and die fabrication
  • Aluminum Machining
  • Stainless Steel Machining

Since the very beginning, IMD has prided itself in supplying high quality, competitively priced machined and fabricated parts to some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Customers include: Yamaha Motor Corp., Harley Davidson, and Honda to name a few.

Innovative Metal Designs has invested significant time and effort in cultivating lasting relationships with customers. Its strength lies in the ability to help customers transform their ideas and requirements into first-rate manufacturing solutions. This process originates with our exceptionally strong infrastructure and our extensive use of state-of the-art machining technologies.

For more information regarding Innovative Metal Designs, please contact us! We are your One Stop Manufacturing Solution for CNC machining and custom sheet metal fabrication.




Your One Stop Manufacturing
Solution Since 1982